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Home Lift Duo

Something other than a lift, the BOSNDAG Stiltz Duo Home Lift will upgrade your life


The BOSNDAG Stiltz Duo Home Lift is an extraordinary and inventive lift that can be fitted anyplace in the home.

The Duo is dissimilar to some other ordinary lift accessible as it doesn’t require water power or should be settled to dividers. Our lifts are controlled by an astute electric engine drive framework that is calm and housed, outside of anyone’s ability to see, at the highest point of the lift.

The BOSNDAG Stiltz Duo Home Lift essentially connects straight to any typical 13-amp control attachment like some other family unit machine. Utilizing BOSNDAG Stiltz double rail innovation, the lift is a self-supporting structure so no additional weight load is put on the home.

This implies the lift can be introduced in places where other home lifts won’t fit. The shrewd plan likewise implies that establishment can be finished in a small amount of the time and at a much lower cost.

Collected in the UK, the Duo offers unrivaled adaptability as far as situation in the home and is a sheltered, flawless and attentive contrasting option to a stairlift. It can be introduced in as meager as one day with insignificant building work and interruption. From parlor to room or lobby to contemplate, the lift requires a strikingly little space so the decision is yours.


The Bonsdag Stiltz Home Lifts Duo Range

BOSNDAG Duo Vista – is fitted with an unmistakable body produced using basic polycarbonate to give it a contemporary look. The Duo Vista can mix into a room’s style and enable common light to surge in if the home lift is put before or near a window.


The Bonsdag Stiltz Home Lifts Duo Benefits

Small Footprint

One of the smallest footprint of any lift on the market – covers just 0.62m² surface area.


Powered by a quiet electric self-contained motor – no noisy hydraulics.

Fast Installation

Lifts are made up of modular sections – standard installs take just one day.

Power Consumption

Plugs into normal 13 amp power socket – like any other household appliance.

Unique Guide System

Self-supporting structure – two parallel and vertical guides bear load of the lift.

Self Contained Drive System

Housed at the top of the lift, out of sight – no need for external power packs

  • Standard Finishes A neutral cream exterior and door with a matching beige interior lining colour.
  • Half Height Door The door is interlocked and is made to match the finish of the lift.
  • 2 X Remote Controls Call and send the lift remotely and also use it to move heavy or awkward items between floors.
  • One Year Warranty All The Bonsdag Stiltz Lifts carry a standard One year parts and labour warranty. One service included.
  • Internal LED Downlights These are programmed to turn on once the user has entered the lift and remain on for the entire journey.
  • Battery Back Up System If there is a power cut while using the lift it will descend to the lower level of the home and wait until the power comes back on.
  • Full Height Light Curtain Light Curtain when fitted with half height door.
  • Fold Down Seat This is a popular option selected by customers for the short trip between floors.
  • Interior Grab Rail Offers increased security for the occupants of the lift.
  • Full Height Door An interlocked door that replaces the half-height door and light curtain.
  • Bespoke Colours & Finishes Customise your The Bonsdag Stiltz lift by choosing different colour lift car, rails and interior lining.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply This system will allow for numerous trips both up and down whilst the main power to the lift is out.
  • Interior Telephone In the very unlikely event that the lift stops while you are travelling in it, help is just a phone call away.
  • Full Height Light Curtain A full-height motion sensor is situated at the entrance of our lifts (unless a full height door is chosen). If this barrier is crossed the lift will immediately stop.
  • Safety Lid Plug This crucial feature plugs the aperture in the floor when the lift is in the downstairs position. It is strong enough to stand on and you can place your original flooring on top to blend in.
  • Key Switch Operation This feature allows the owner to isolate the lift if the need arises. This is commonly used when going away on holiday or when the grandchildren are around.
  • Top & Bottom Safety Pans Using our obstruction sensing covers, a The Bonsdag Stiltz Lift can detect objects above or below the lift, causing it to immediately stop.
  • Hold-To-Run Controls Operating a The Bonsdag Stiltz Lift requires constant pressure to the controls. This allows the user to ‘drive’ the lift and feel in total control.
  • Weight Limit Sensors Our Duo Lifts are limited to 170Kg, 27 stone/ 375lbs. The lift detects anything exceeding this limit and will not travel.
  • Out Of Balance Sensors Sensors will detect if the lift is ever out of balance and prevent the unit from travelling.
  • Fall Arrest Mechanism This patented system prevents the car from falling in the unlikely event of the steel ropes going slack.
  • Emergency Stop Button This button is front and centre for the user in the event of an emergency.
  • Over Speed Detection The lift uses an optical sensor to detect the speed of travel. If this increases beyond a certain speed, the sensor will stop the lift from travelling in that direction.
DriveRoped drum, braked gear motor drive
Power Supply220 – 240v AC | 5 Amps
Maximum Load170kg | 27st | 375lb (2 persons standing or 1 person sitting)
Maximum Travel3.6 Metres
Entrance SecurityFull height light curtain / motion sensor – optional full height door
Maximum Speed15cm / Second
Warranty2 year parts and 1 year labour warranty (one service included)
ComplianceEuropean Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & Australian Standard 1735 Part 15
Rope Diameter6mm Galvanized steel rope
Additional SensorsOut-of-balance & overload, overspeed detection and light curtain
Lighting Type2 x 3w LED downlights
Landing Call Stations2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility (3 x standard aaa batteries in each)
InstallationTypical installation takes two days
OperationHold-to-run controls
ConfigurationSingle entry or double entry / thru-car

The Bonsdag Stiltz Home Lifts Duo Footprints