Lift, Elevators Manufacturers in Delhi

Lift, Elevators Manufacturers in Delhi

Bonsdag is one of the best lift manufacturers in Delhi. We manufacture the elevators with best quality materials. We have highly qualified professionals to manufacture the elevator in Delhi. Our highly trained experts have full experience in designing, manufacturing, exporting, installation, modernising, repairing and maintenance. Enquire Now

Types of lifts we manufacture in Delhi:

Passenger Lifts – offer a quality assurance of passenger elevator which can effectively meet the traffic needs of multistory buildings. These elevator have high capacity which can accommodate a large number of people and can be transferred quickly.

Capsule Lifts – Widely used in shopping malls, our series of capsule lifts are made from glass to provides a view of the outer side of the lift. Offered in standard and customized forms, these elevators are available on one side, three side and circular panels.

Home Lifts – Lifts in home does not require so much space. A beautifully designed home lifts is suitable for modern homes. Built with the inclination of creativity and style, these lifts are available in custom-made sizes, designs and finishes for our customers.

Goods Lifts – Used in high rise factories, industrial and other buildings which meet the needs of vertical movement of goods. Also available in different sizes, and capacities.

Car Lifts – When it comes to saving parking space or lifting cars, nothing does it best than a car lifts. The growing population has increased the demand for space for flats, homes, apartments, garages and parking spaces.

Hospital LiftsHospital Lifts are manufactured specially for the use in hospitals to carry the bed patients and other items to move one floor to another, so that the patients with wheelchair or stretcher can go inside the lift easily and comes out comfortably.

Food Lifts : Food lifts often called dumbwaiters. Dumbwaiters are used to move small food items between storage and the sales floor such as dishes and trays etc.

Avoid Costly Elevator Repair with Simple Tips

We all are looking for ways to reduce costs on elevator maintenance and all building managers will tell you that repair of the elevator can be very expensive. While Bonsdag ensure the products are prepared using only premium quality material, but repair has tube done after a certain period of time. In case of lift shutdown, we want to help you with some simple things to stay away from expensive repairs. In most cases, the shutdowns are related to the doors and hence it’s always better to ensure the door is always closed completely ad locked before moves to another floor. Make sure to consider the following problems to avoid costly repairs:

  • Check for the trash or debris at the bottom of lift door. This dirt clearance in these grooves is nominal and it takes very little time.
  • Check the door reopening device after every few weeks. Make sure the infrared lenses are clean as dirt doesn’t allow the doors to get closed properly.
  • Check or stuck push button. If a push button is stuck, the elevator will remain on that floor. You can get the button unstuck by simply pushing it a few times, but make sure you hire a professional.
  • When looking for reliable Elevator manufacturers in Delhi, make sure you only deal with a trusted brand like BONSDAG.